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Who are we?

The company ADDACTIS® Worldwide

ADDACTIS® Worldwide is the European leader in insurance consulting and software offering the guarantee of an international group of actuaries and experts together with the reliability of a range of new generation actuarial software.

Present in over 50 countries with more than 2000 software users and nearly 200 clients, ADDACTIS® Worldwide develops and maintains software programs that cover all insurance issues for the different fields of insurance activity, such as life insurance, reinsurance, health insurance, modelling, reporting, pricing, reserves, closing technical accounts…

With more than 200 consultants based in Latin America, Asia-Pacific region, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Switzerland, ADDACTIS® Worldwide offers a well-known network of branches and collaborators whose teams permanently share and enrich their know-how to respond to the problems of each company, whether global or local and specific to each market.

Innovation, traceability, productivity and expertise are the basis of the continued success of ADDACTIS® Worldwide in providing concrete and pertinent solutions in all insurance and reinsurance sectors through a combination of consulting services and complementary software programs.

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In the field of world insurance, Europe has always played an important role, benefitting from a high technological level together with a stringent approach in respect to supervision, organisation and control. As a major European player, these are also our strong points, with which we want to benefit all of our clients all over the world.

General Director of ADDACTIS® Group


Network of experts in actuarial services

services in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific region.


regarding insurance and reinsurance issues (actuarial function, modelling, pricing, provisioning, etc.)


of new generation life and non-life actuarial software.