Who are we?

The company ATEQUACY®

ATEQUACY® offers French firms a unique occupational risk management service ranging from the prevention to the treatment of proven risks (work related accidents and occupational illness).

The solutions offered by ATEQUACY® revolve around 4 main lines of action :

Advise and train: As a certified training organisation, ATEQUACY® allows establishing and developing its risk prevention policy with a complete catalogue of training courses.

Organise occupational accident and illness management with its ATMP software program enabling effective processing within the required deadlines when an accident occurs, and manage the financial consequences of occupational accidents and illnesses in association with Singer Avocats.

Manage the risk prevention and assessment policy with its PREVISOFT® software and the 7 modules that cover all the needs of companies, from SMEs to large corporate Groups.

Meet the requirements of obligatory certificates with its ATTEST LINK web platform.

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Good management of occupational risks is an essential issue for companies. ATEQUACY® assists them from the policy deployment stage to the management of risks that arise.

François MERLE
General Director of ATEQUACY®


Occupational risk management

Occupational accident and illness software and training

Management of obligatory certificates