Who are we?

Pascal MIGNERY, President and founder of ADDACTIS® Group

Pascal MIGNERY is the President and founder of the ADDACTIS Group.
He guides the strategy of ADDACTIS® Group and its different business activities : Actuarial consulting, insurance software packages, HR consulting, occupational risk prevention and management.

He is particularly committed to the Group’s international development. Having obtained a diploma from the ISFA (Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurance) in 1989, Pascal MIGNERY is an actuary certified by the Institut des Actuaires (IA) in France, and since 2013 is a member of the Institut des Actuaires Belges (IABE) in Brussels.

Group Directors:

From left to right :

Group Communication Director


Delphine JEAN,
Group Administrative and Financial Director

Directors of Subsidiaries:

From left to right :

Pascal MIGNERY :
General Director of ADDACTIS® Worldwide;
IA Certified Actuary

Pierre ARNAL :
General Director of ACTUARIS®;
IA Certified Actuary

François MERLE :
Managing Director of PREVISOFT®

Jean-Philippe ALLORY :
General Director of ADDING®

General Director of ADDACTIS® Software