Who are we?

The company PREVISOFT®

The purpose of the company PREVISOFT® is to help firms initiate, deploy and deal with their occupational risk prevention and management policy. PREVISOFT® solutions provide a professional approach to occupational health and safety issues whilst allowing compliance with regulatory requirements.

PREVISOFT® offers :

Consulting and training services provided by its QSE engineers

Occupational and environmental risk assessment software. This complete, flexible and ergonomic solution was conceived by preventers for preventers, risk-managers, and in general, for HR teams. The 7 modules of the PREVISOFT® software program cover all of a company’s needs in this area: single document, chemical risks, health, laborious work conditions, occupational accidents and illnesses, concurrent -activity, training management, environmental analysis, waste management, environment.

More information about PREVISOFT®:

Our profession is to co-build with our clients excellent tools in the field of occupational health and safety. We know how to adapt to nearly all types of situations.

François MERLE
General Manager of PREVISOFT®


Occupational risk prevention

OHSM management

Training Management

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Occupational Health and Safety

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