ADDACTIS® Group is involved in the sponsorship of several sport activities and human causes. Thus year after year, we strive to support men and women committed to surpassing themselves and accomplishing great feats.

The Group’s steadfast support of certain champions has also permitted the latter to reinforce their commitments. At present, thanks to a solid partnership, French athletes such as the paragliding record breaker Seiko Fukuoka and Romain Serveaux, Triathlete, can go even further in their sporting achievements, and we are very proud of them!

ADDACTIS® Group & "Running for a cause"

Since risk management is also part of their life, our athletes fully represent the Group’s values by demonstrating an unfailing commitment to every cause that matters to them.

Thus, in 2016 ADDACTIS® Group launched the event called « Running for a Cause », inviting its collaborators to participate in charity races for the benefit of the association ARSEP(research for mutliple sclerosis). Event we pursued in 2018, with the Marathon de Paris and the 20km of Brussels.

At present, we are proud of our efforts to support our athletes, who know so well how to combine physical prowess, technical excellence and commitment.

Rencontre avec nos athlètes

Paragliding champion

Seiko is a world known French paraglider who discovered the sport in 2001 and immediately fell in love with it. With a sense of perfectionism and a taste for adventure, she has become one of the best paragliding pilots in the world. Whether performing breathtaking acrobatic flights or flying along a straight line for unprecedented distances (including an uninterrupted flight of more than 400 km), this record woman is always ready to rise to a challenge. Women’s world paragliding champion since 2015, her exploits and records succeed each other non-stop !

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Romain finished 8th in the half ironman of Vichy in June 2017. He now has several dates in his viewfinder including an ironman in May 2018 and qualified for the half ironman world championship on September 1, 2018 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

ADDACTIS Group supports Romain and will accompany him in this challenge while throughout the year 2018.