It is an extraordinary performance that Diane Wolf, running under the colors of ADDACTIS Group, realized during her last competition. Finishing the marathon in Paris last April 3rd in just 2:52, she ranked 17th woman and especially 3rd French! The sportswoman, very committed, has been able to raise funds for the benefit of ARSEP, an association specializing in research against multiple sclerosis.

Discover without further delay, all you need to know about our favorite running lover!

Diane Wolf & ADDACTIS Group

We had the honor of welcoming Diane!

The path of a champion

ADDACTIS Group :Hello, Diane, to begin, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Diane Wolf :Hello, I am Diane Wolf, mother of two girls and sports enthusiast. In professional life, I am a line driver in an agro-food factory in Roanne. My company, Valentin Traiteur, is also one of my sponsors: its leader was the first to sponsor me for the competitions. When I’m not training, I like to cook and read. I read a lot. But my favorite hobby is of course the sport!

AAG : What has been your athletic career been like up till now?

Diane Wolf : I started competing in 2008. Before that, I was already running regularly. I first started in 2007 with jogging, just something very simple, and I got my first taste! In fact, at that point, I wasn’t really into any sporting activities. My husband, on the other hand, whom I met in 2005, has a great sporting tradition on his side, and practices a lot of sports. That’s how, one day, I put on sneakers and decided to run with him. He saw that I was doing well and became my coach! After that, I started entering into competitions.

First of all, I started on 10-kilometer races and on cross-country races, that is, shorter races where you have to be really quick. Then, since, 2008, I have reached all the finals in French championships for this discipline. After that, in 2012 I started running marathons while continuing doing semi-marathons, the 10km, as well as cross country and the trails that I particularly like.

My first marathon in Paris was in 2014 and this year’s, which will be with the ADDACTIS Group, is the second. I do not limit myself to France: I also ran a marathon in Shanghai in December 2013.

Workouts and races: the organization of everyday life

AAG : How often do you train? Can you tell us about what a typical day looks like to you?

Diane Wolf : I train 6 days out of 7 when competitions are approaching. Otherwise I run very regularly, I do jogging. When I prepared the marathon in Paris, I trained for 3 months with: a jogging 40 minutes on an empty stomach in the morning then a fairly long session in the evening of 1h10 with jogging and VMA: from 400m to 1000m with repetitions of 8 to 15 times, and then more jogging. First, there are weeks with very long and intensive sessions, and then the last two weeks before the performance, I change my pace to do what we call the “regeneration” weeks: I try to lighten the work, with fewer sessions and shorter races to better recover and be in a state of “freshness” for the day of the race.

As for my diet, I do not deprive myself of anything, but there are things that I avoid eating to be in shape for the big day. I already avoid everything with added sugar. I’d never have soft drinks, for example. I do not consume dairy or white bread for one week before a competition, and I eat a lot of fruit and starchy food, especially during the first three days. I avoid pasta; I prefer natural cereals like rice. No vegetables three days before the race. Everyone has his habits, but this strategy suits me very well

AAG : What motivates you the most?

Diane Wolf : What motivates me: the desire to surpass oneself! Being able to finish each race, telling myself “you did it!” This is more important than the time itself. What motivates me even more, however, is my daughters. Seeing joy and pride in their eyes… their support is most important to me. They encourage me in all of my races and come to see me. They are starting to run themselves, as well. Running together is something that binds us, it brings us closer. The most important thing is not to be a champion, but to do it all together. To run for a cause is also very unifying. Believing a in the spirit of teamwork.

What I like about running is that it is accessible and it makes you think about yourself, about what you are capable of.

Racing: more than just a sport

AAG : Which sportsperson do you admire the most?

Diane Wolf : Christelle Daunay ! She is my idol! I really admire her. Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to speak with her. I would love to meet her though, it’s my dream! She was in Paris for the marathon. I didn’t get to talk with her though… I’m too shy!

AAG : What do you feel before a race ?

Diane Wolf : Stress, and a bit of fear. Above all though, a lot of pride, because participating in a race is very moving. We can be proud to say “I run,” because some people can not; being able to play sports is a real privilege.

AAG : What was your best memory from a race? How about your worst?

Diane Wolf : I could tell you a million stories! About the Lyon 2012 marathon, for example. That was my first marathon! I finished 3rd, but in a pitiful state. My friends surprised me by lining the way to encourage me. However, the best thing of all was being with my daughters, to have crossed the finish line with them. That was truly beautiful.

The second would be Annecy in 2013 where I finished 2nd, and getting the best time in Rhône-Alpes. I won a trip to the Shanghai marathon! That was so unexpected.

When it comes to my worst memory, I really don’t have one! I do not regret anything and I am happy to participate in every race, no matter what the outcome. I have always been surrounded by good people, my friends and my family are always there. That, I think, is what passion is all about. We always love what we do, no matter what happens.

AAG : What was your greatest challenge?

Diane Wolf : It was to run for a good cause with ADDACTIS Group. This is the first time that I’ve had this opportunity. Running for those who can not, helping the ARSEP, it was a big challenge for me and it made me really happy. I am happy to have been able to help this association.

I hope I can have this experience once again.

AAG : What other sports do you practice?

Diane Wolf :  All sports that give me a feeling of freedom! Cycling, running, hiking. I love being in contact with nature and being able to escape. In the summertime I go on trails, I feel in harmony with nature and I get involved in this way.

AAG : What are your ambitions for the future?

Diane Wolf : Continue to run and beat my marathon record: I’m aiming for 2h50 or 2h48, the ideal! My next marathon will be in New York in November 2016, it will be my first time running that one. As I said before, I plan to do something for leukemia. I do not know yet in what form but it is something that is really close to my heart!

Tips for getting started with racing and becoming a champion!

AAG :  What materials do you recommend? Do you use certain things when it comes to your sport?

Diane Wolf : First, a good pair of sneakers, no matter the brand. In the store, a good salesman must be able to advise you about shoes adapted to your height, weight, body size, and the sport you practice. This is essential for avoiding injuries. As far as outfits, I prefer breathable fabrics and lightweight, no cotton! As far as other objects, I don’t use them. In fact, I think they can be distracting. It is important to listen to your body and go at your own pace! In addition, if you put, for example ,your phone in your pocket, or on an armband, it makes you unbalanced. You must have the same weight on both sides of the body if you do not want to risk getting tendonitis.

AAG : Last question, what are your tips for budding champions?

Diane Wolf : Run for pleasure! This is the most important. It is well-being that matters more than the competition side of things. To run a good race, it is necessary to equip yourself, to have a suitable outfit rather than an aesthetically pleasing one. It’s important to run for fun, for well-being. You have to be proud of what you do, to realize that you are ding what others are not able to, to be aware of this opportunity.

When I run, I think of those I love. Even if I finish last, I know that my daughters will be happy for me, and that makes me happy! This is the most important thing to me, that’s what a good race is all about!