Internationally renowned paraglider, Seiko FUKUOKA is one of the sport’s best pilots in the world. For several years now she has been representing ADDACTIS® Group, and in particular our subsidiary ADDACTIS® Worldwide, with flying colours. We follow her around the world celebrating her victories


Just like our actuaries, in order to ensure peak performance in her sport, the first lady of French paragliding must be able to analyse and manage the risks, regardless of the circumstances. For every new flight she collects and processes all available data (including the wind, the harshness of the environment, the weather…) to prepare a reliable and effective flight plan. Like our experts, she masters risk management.

In addition, she represents better than anyone else our values, thanks to her permanent good mood, capacity to renew herself and improve, and above all technical excellence. A leader in all competitions but very humble, our champion is always ready to take on a challenge, and we are very proud to support her.


Seiko Fukuoka recordwoman parapente

Seiko Fukuoka, a woman of action and expert in preventing risks

Established on the banks of lac d’Annecy, at Doussard, the virtuoso of the French team is often present in the media. Proclaimed world paragliding champion in January 2015 in Columbia, Seiko FUKUOKA’s exploits succeed each other, each new one being more spectacular than the last. At present she holds 10 world records, including the one for distance with a flight of more than 400 km, and she is also champion of France and Europe. Very versatile, she excels both in acrobatics and distance. Seiko and her husband, Pierre NAVILLE, a paragliding school instructor, also offer paragliding baptisms via AIRLINKS.